Group coaching for midlife women to thrive.

Janine and Kate in winter clothing laughing

Join us!

We’ve taken the essence of our coaching Walk and Talks for Midlife Women and made them into something bigger, better and even more meaningful.

Find details of the programme, along with a fantastic early bird offer below...


If you’ve previously attended any one of our Walk & Talks, or you sign up before 12th Jan, the cost is £195. We reckon this is pretty good value – we’ve done the maths and it works out at £23 an hour, which is pretty damn good for Coaching!.

There will be a limited number of spaces, as we believe in quality, not quantity. Creating a safe and trusted space is paramount to what we do, so we’re keeping it cosy.

Programme outline

An exciting 5 week programme of workshops and coaching to help you to understand yourself better in this stage in life, navigate change and explore what it means to be your best self.

Of course, nature will be a big feature too, it wouldn’t be Pause Outdoors without it!


Getting to know YOU

Discover who you are, reflect on your strengths, and picture your best self in this session focused on self-awareness.


Understanding our Mindset

Uncover the power of your mindset on your life. Delve into theories, understand your responses to challenges, identify limiting beliefs, and embrace a more positive mindset.


The Midlife Mental Load

Navigate midlife chaos with ease. Gain practical stress-handling tools, reclaim your energy, and prioritise self-care. Regain control for a fulfilling journey forward.


Nurturing our Wellbeing

Take a practical look at self-care in midlife for overall wellbeing. Explore habits for good sleep, nutrition, exercise, and happiness.


Reflection and Goal Setting

Reflect on the insights gained in the past weeks. Create an exciting plan for what’s next, setting both short and long-term goals to propel you forward with momentum.